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General / 26 July 2020


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    To send portfolios for Quanta, use the link in the Quanta section below.
    Personal site. A visual story I built in 2009, inspired by our place in the cosmos.
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Quanta Magazine:

Selected talks & interviews:

  • Sketchfab Science Spotlight (text)
    Why & how I created real-time 3D models for Quanta.
  • SVA Creators Feature (video, 2:40)
    A short video about my photography, artwork, & approach to social media
  • Adjust Your Margins Interview (text)
    About my work; synthesizing art, design, science, and gardening
  • SciViz 2019 Talk (video, ~20:00)
    "Galaxy Leggings, Truth Serum, & the Visibility Cloak"
    How I approach creating & directing scientific/editorial illustrations at Quanta Magazine

Photographic & botanical: