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General / 26 July 2020


To follow my latest work:

Quanta Magazine:

  • Quanta Submission Form
    Interested in creating art for Quanta? Send portfolio submissions here.
  • Quanta Artwork
    My illustrations published on Quanta Magazine, sorted by most recent
  • Pinterest: Art Direction
    As Quanta's art director, I've worked on nearly every feature story since Fall 2014. This includes direction of illustration and photography, editing, concepting, visual development, storyboarding, etc.

Selected talks & interviews:

  • SVA Creators Feature (video, 2:40)
    A short video about my photography, artwork, & approach to social media
  • Adjust Your Margins Interview (text)
    About my work; synthesizing art, design, science, and gardening
  • SciViz 2019 Talk (video, ~20 min)
    "Galaxy Leggings, Truth Serum, & the Visibility Cloak"
    How I approach creating & directing scientific/editorial illustrations at Quanta Magazine

Photographic & botanical: