Tutorial: ZBrush to Cinema 4D & Redshift (Dealing with Displacement)

What this covers:

How to prepare a ZBrush sculpture for exporting to a scene in Cinema 4D (retopologize using ZRemesher, project details, UV with UV Master, and create displacement & normal maps.) Then, use Redshift’s displacement settings to get accurate, high-res details on a low-poly model.


I’m neither a ZBrush nor Redshift pro.

I’m still learning these processes and haven’t yet seen a comprehensive “ZBrush to C4D & Redshift” tutorial. The method herein is the result of foraging for and compiling bits and pieces of info from various sources. Hope the “fruits of my labor” help someone else.

If you see a step and think “That’s not right!” or “There’s a better method than that,” etc., do let me know! 


Not for production pipelines! (But adaptable)

This tutorial uses a prop that would ultimately end up in a still illustration, so things like faultless topology, numerical precision, real-time rendering considerations, and perfect UVs didn’t matter much.

If you’re using ZBrush, C4D, & Redshift, I’m guessing you’re not making game assets anyway. But for animated models or uber-realistic renders, you’ll want to modify these steps to better serve your end goal.


Complementary Resources:

Redshift (with Cinema 4D):

  • Redshift for Cinema 4D by HelloLuxx
    In-depth walkthroughs you can follow along with. This is the best value if you can only buy one C4D/Redshift guide. It’s necessary to get both volumes. Volume 2 was instrumental in helping me understand how displacement works in Redshift.

This tutorial assumes a certain level of comfort with ZBrush, but if some part of the instructions is totally new to you, the following may help (free!):


FREE in appreciation of everyone I've learned from that has freely shared their knowledge & assets.

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